Caraway seeds

The oldest spice used in Europe.

Add caraway to spice up dishes that are more difficult to digest: cabbage, pork, certain potato dishes, goulash soup, kale, red cabbage and red beet.

- Usage -

It is a very popular spice for salty pastry. Caraway has a very distinct flavour that is why you add only a small quantity of other spices. Because of this distinct flavour, use ground caraway instead of whole caraway seeds in children's nutrition.

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- Did you know? -

The caraway seeds have been found in Ancient Egyptian royal tombs. Caraway is linked to greed. Thus, the voraciously greedy Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in private circles became known as 'Cuminus'. Otherwise, the caraway is said to have a special healing power, especially if you pick it in the morning of the 24th June. In the Middle Ages a bag of caraway put around one's neck warded off witches and evil spirits.
It helps with flatulence, stomach cramps, other problems with the stomach and intestine. It also helps against bad breath.