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The secret world of spices

Nowadays we know that we have to look at nutrition from a holistic point of view. The healing effects and beneficial power of spices have been known for centuries and it is not irrelevant that records and evidence of this was a closely guarded knowledge. Sometimes even a secret. Nowadays this knowledge is coming to light.

Proper storage of spices

Proper storage has a significant impact on the quality of the spices. Whole spices, like nutmeg, caraway seeds, whole pepper and the like can be safely stored for a number of years. The undamaged cells of the whole spices are the perfect natural storage of active ingredients.

The art of seasoning: how to properly use spices?

Although we may not yet be culinary artists it only takes some acquired wisdom to become one. The recipe is simple – the seasoning and the proper use of spices are the icing on the cake. Here are some basic rules to help you bring out their maximum effect.

A perfect picnic

Although picnics are a relaxed and informal way of hanging out and cooking in nature, it is not redundant to consider some advice when planning. Only in this way can a careless picnic take place.

Sprinklers will make cooking even more fun

Maestro sprinklers offer six different mixtures of natural spices. We also offer a sprinkler containing sea salt. The convenient packaging makes the use at home simple, but it is especially convenient for using at picnics as well.