An onion flavour indeed not an onion.

Chives is also often added to clear soups.

- Usage -

We use it to prepare yoghurt and mayonnaise salad dressings. curd and butter spreads, cream sauces and light stews.
Chives cannot be cooked for longer periods. It is best if we add it at the end or sprinkle the food with it before serving.

- Related spices -
  • coarsely ground onion
- Did you know? -

The Chinese have known it for 4000 years and Marco Polo brought news about it to Europe. As far as popularity is concerned it comes second only to parsley and is a great replacement for everyone who cannot take the burning sensation of onion. It falls into the category of protective foods.
Chives stimulates digestion, prevents flatulence and disinfects the digestive tract. It contains many minerals and vitamins therefore it is suitable in cases of anaemia and scurvy. As a herb it is used to clean the blood.