A "sweet" spice.

Sri Lanka is still considered to be the land where the best cinnamon comes from.

- Usage -

Cinnamon is mostly used in the preparation of sweet and fruit dishes. Use the entire cinnamon stick to scent and spice compotes, milk beverages and mulled wine. In addition, you can add ground cinnamon to pastries and various milk and farinaceous dishes. You can also use it for the topping of fruit dumplings. For better flavour add cinnamon sticks to hot beverages - coffee, mulled wine and hot chocolate.

- Related spices -
  • Mulled wine mix
  • Apple roll mix
- Did you know? -

They were already using it for medicinal purposes in Ancient Egypt. However, they also used it to flavour drinks because it helped in removing germs from water. In addition, they used it for embalming so in the world of antiquity cinnamon was cherished more than gold. Nero, the Roman Emperor, burned the annual stock of cinnamon for his wife's solemn funeral – an extravagant move with which he wanted to show the greatness of his loss.
It stimulates digestion and prevents flatulence.