Crushed hot paprika

A vegetable plant and spice that colours dishes red and spices them up.

According to taste we differentiate between sweet, medium hot and hot paprika.

- Usage -

Use paprika to spice up goulashes (potato, mushroom, Szegedin), spicy soups, sauces that you serve alongside roasted meat or sauces and certain dishes where paprika is typically used such as paprikash and baked beans (prebranec).

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- Did you know? -

At first it was the shrubs of the Central America. However, it was brought to Europe with Columbus. First to Spain where it was first used as a decorative plant. That the fruit can be used to spice up the flavour of dishes was discovered in the 16th century by the Hungarians and paprika soon became their national spice. Their paprika is at the same time also much hotter than the Spanish variant. We know mild, semi-sweet, red and hot paprika.

It has an extremely high vitamin C content, is a great source of beta carotene, efficient in stimulation of blood flow, stimulates the appetite and is anti-inflammatory.