Indispensable in any Indian-tinged dish.

Curry is a spice mix that has been shaping the taste of dishes in India for millennia.

- Usage -

The word curry means sauce in the Tamil language. It is sweet-hot in taste and dark yellow in colour. Use the Curry mix to spice up rice and various rice dishes, poultry, different exotic sauces that you can serve with fish, eggs and poultry. You can also add it to vegetable side dishes and pasta stuffing made according to Indian recipes.
Ingredients: coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper, caraway, cumin, pimenta, ginger, spicy and sweet paprika.

- Related spices -
  • turmeric
  • Oriental chicken spice
  • ground caraway
- Did you know? -

The peoples that migrated from India towards the Caribbean greatly influenced the population living there. A similar thing happened to spices because at the time of migration the local spices complemented and enriched the flavour of spice mixes they had brought with themselves. Thus the list of different Curry mixes is now very long including sweet and very hot spices.