All-purpose plant

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Because it works extremely well in the kitchen, you can be sure it will turn you into a true culinary superstar. It can be added to spreads, soups and sauces, and it won’t let you down. Typically found in the gardens of monasteries, lovage is also known as a plant of the monks.

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Lovage has several names: love parsley, garden lovage, Italian lovage, true lovage, maggi herb, old English lovage, etc., but it is most famous for use as all-purpose seasoning. Although many people have not heard of it, they would definitely recognise its smell. Native to the sunny Mediterranean, its relatives can also be found in Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to its specific taste, it is one of the most important ingredients in our Vegeta Natur product.

In ancient times it was even used to make love potions.

It probably got its charming name because it goes so well with all types of vegetables and perfectly complements other spices.