A “social plant” that flourishes nicely if it grows in a dense group.

Together with thyme and bay leaf it enriches legume dishes, broths and hearty stews.

- Usage -

It complements all meat dishes perfectly, particularly minced meat dishes. Add it to black pudding and liver sausages. Take care to add it to dishes at the end of cooking.

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- Did you know? -

It was considered in some places in the region as a plant of loyalty since a sprig plucked from the same brush foretold of mutual loyalty to the groom and bride. As a medicinal plant it was already known in Ancient Egypt, where it was also used in religious rites dedicated to the god Osiris.
In folk medicine it is valued as a cure for nervous weakness, migraine, headache and insomnia. Otherwise it is good for inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs, alleviates expectoration, stimulates perspiration, discharge of water from the body and lactation in nursing mothers. It also slightly lowers blood pressure.