An indispensable Italian pizza spice.

Oregano is most valued in Italian cuisine. It gained its worldwide popularity mostly due to being a typical spice used when seasoning the famous pizza.

- Usage -

Oregano is popular in Greek cuisine as well. It is used for seasoning various tomato dishes, pasta sauces, one-pot dishes, roasts and salads. Oregano develops its aroma during cooking and it should be added to dishes at least 20 minutes before the cooking is finished.

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- Did you know? -

In Europe, oregano symbolises romantic love. The Ancient Romans used it as an aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages it was the main ingredient of love spells and it was worn during weddings as a symbol of luck. The Greeks used to wear wreaths made of oregano during weddings and called it 'the joy of the mountains', because their mountains were pervaded with its wonderful and joyous smell. Before the discovery of hops, oregano was used when brewing beer.
Oregano stimulates digestion and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.