The spice most frequently used.

Chopped parsley leaves can be added to almost any salty food. The root belongs in the classic category of soup vegetables.

- Usage -

Parsley works well with other green seasonings such as chives, thyme and tarragon. It excellently complements garlic and onion. We do not cook parsley leaves, however, we add them before serving foods.

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- Did you know? -

It was highly praised by the ancient Greeks who adorned the winners of game competitions with parsley leaves. It was a symbol of luck. In addition, it was used for decorating tombs dedicated to Archemorus the harbinger of the world of the dead. Together with the rue it was planted on the edge of herb beds. The habit has soon passed into a saying that meant a start of an enterprise.
It is recommended in the event of the inflammation of the urinary tract, kidney stones, rheumatic diseases and weak indigestion with colic and flatulence. It helps by postnatal recovery and stimulates breast lactation. It also stimulates the appetite and cleanses the blood.