A refined French cuisine spice.

It is a typical Mediterranean Provençal seasoning.

- Usage -

Thyme is used in numerous dishes made of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes as well as with mushrooms, dry fruit, sauces and soups. Add it at the start of cooking. Due to its strong flavour dose it carefully.
Because of its strong flavour, thyme only complements other aromatic herbs such as marjoram, parsley and laurel leaf.

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- Did you know? -

Its name is derived from the Greek word thumon which signifies courage. That is why it was linked to this value. Ancient Egyptians used it for embalming. The Roman soldiers used it to prepare an invigorating bath. Furthermore, the medieval dames garnished the handkerchiefs for their knights with the theme of thyme. The Scottish highlanders liked to drink thyme tea because they believed that it gives courage and repels nightmares.
It helps with cramps, rheumatism, bronchitis, increased body temperature, facilitates expectoration and stimulates indigestion.